Broadband Connectivity

Broadband Benefits

A broadband or “shared” connection is recommended for small business locations due to its cost-effectiveness, adequate bandwidth, scalability, and reliability. These connections are affordable, making them suitable for businesses with budget constraints. They offer sufficient bandwidth for everyday operations, unless the business heavily relies on bandwidth-intensive activities. Shared connections are easily scalable, allowing businesses to upgrade their bandwidth as needed, and they are widely available in most areas. While dedicated leased lines may offer higher reliability, shared broadband connections have improved in stability and are supported by technical assistance from service providers.

Coax Connections

These are the most cost effective types of internet connectivity. They aren’t the most reliable connections, but for basic internet usage, it will support general, small office tasks.

Non-Dedicated Fiber COnnections

Also a very cost effective solution, a majority of small to medium size businesses (that don’t utilize business critical internet based solutions) are migrating to this type of connection.