Dedicated Connectivity

Dedicated Connectivity Benefits

A dedicated internet connection is strongly recommended for medium to large size businesses that utilize internet-based business-critical applications. With a dedicated connection, optimal reliability and performance is backed by service level agreements, minimizing the risk of disruptions to essential operations. This dedicated infrastructure guarantees exclusive access to bandwidth, eliminating the potential slowdowns or congestion that can occur with shared connections. Moreover, a dedicated connection provides enhanced security measures, safeguarding any sensitive data and protecting businesses against cyber threats. Investing in a dedicated internet connection is a strategic move to ensure uninterrupted productivity, data integrity, and a secure digital environment.

T1's and Bonded Coax

These legacy connections are rarely seen today, but used to dominate the dedicated connection market. 

Dedicated Fiber Connections

Dedicated Fiber is the most popular of internet connections among medium to large businesses, because of the reliability and performance that companies can get, to minimize downtime or disruptions.