NetSpark IP & Telecom

Our mission at Netspark is to assist businesses in enhancing their technology procurement and management. As a strategic advisor and lifecycle management company, we provide an effortless means for purchasing cloud, network, and communications solutions that can boost revenue, cut expenses, or increase productivity. Our customer-focused methodology involves assessing, acquiring, overseeing, and maintaining technology solutions, which streamlines the entire technology lifecycle across a range of service providers and partners.

About Us

Our industry leading processes enable us to assist clients in managing technology expenditure, optimizing inventory, and aligning expenses with business objectives. We collaborate closely with your IT and accounting teams throughout the entire process, equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively manage your technology spend.

Technology Assessment

NetSpark goes beyond a typical telecom audit by leveraging proven technology strategy consulting frameworks to conduct an extensive strategic review and technology assessment, resulting in an optimization recommendation. Our comprehensive assessments cover various areas such as technology, telecom, customer experience, security, and cloud, to gain a thorough understanding of your current services and business objectives. We provide a detailed roadmap for management, implementation, and optimization to help you achieve your business outcomes. Whether you require visibility into your existing technology infrastructure or a complete CX and CCaaS managed deployment, NetSpark can assist you in meeting your business requirements and achieving your desired outcomes.

Lifecycle Services

Choosing the appropriate technology provider(s) is merely the first step in your digital transformation journey. When your team and budget are already stretched to the limit, negotiating, implementing, and maintaining your tech environment can pose a significant challenge. At NetSpark, we support your success throughout the entire technology lifecycle, from sourcing to implementation, and ongoing expense/mobility management to renewal negotiations. With thousands of successful client projects under our belt, we have saved our clients millions of dollars. With our Lifecycle Management Services, you can increase efficiency and proactively manage your technology costs.